Awesome place to buy a car. This guys are the best when it comes to find a great car for a great price. I was a first time buyer and after looking into a bunch of other dealers that had declined me for my credit this dealer gave me a very good deal that I could not decline and they didn't even had to run my info through a bunch of banks like other dealers did which had affected my credit score even more. The process was very fast and within minutes I was driving the car. Praises to this guys!

Erik R.

I had an outstanding experience with Ben at Kar Kees. He keeps his promise and does what he says. Very kind. It was like purchasing a car from a family member that you can trust. Thank you Ben☺

Julia D.

I had the opportunity to work with Ben and it was a pleasant experience.  Very fair and accommodating and didn't waste my time. Nothing like a typical dealer experience at all we had agreed on the price and made the transaction.  Thanks Ben!

Steven D.

I know someone whom bought a vehicle from here and they found a used hypodermic needle inside the coolant reservoir. This was after being lied to about proper fluids being in the tank. The thing was frozen with a used needle in the tank. I recommend no one buys anything from this dealer.

James O.

Great customer service

Walter W.

I was impressed with the price given and the professionalism at Kar Kees. Ben definitely went out of his way to help me out, and I am very appreciative! Highly recommend.

Joshua S.

Great experience buying my first car from here. I went around to dealerships and after being hounded and negotiating for hours at these other dealerships I was tired of it. So I went to Kar kees and they asked me what I wanted and didn't try to steer me towards any other cars. I got a great deal and the car of my dreams! Thank you Ben for a great experience!

Matthew C.

I got my trailblazer here and it is still running great. Ben is a good man and good sales rep but is also a very honest person and will give you a good or a great deal and his vehicles he sells. Thanks ben


Great company they really go to work for you. Definitely coming back to this place again!!

N kay

My buying experience was great! Not only did Ben show me a great vehicle, which I ended up purchasing, he was extremely professional in shopping for the best lender. A week after my purchase, the check engine light went on. Ben scheduled the work and completed it the very next day! I will recommend anyone in the market for a vehicle to Kar Kees.

Glen M.

Ben is a man of his word!! My car buying experience exceeded my expectations and I will be using them as my car dealer again!! I received great customer service even after buying my car! A++

John R.

We are very satisfied with the service and price we received on my husband's new F150. After doing a ton of research both online and in person at dealerships all across the Phoenix metro area, I messaged Ben, the owner of Kar Kees, about this truck we saw online. Being an hour away, I needed to know numbers...sale price, tax, title, license, any fees, etc. Ben was very honest & transparent, and gave me exactly what I asked for. He didn't ask me what my budget was, only trying to fill my payment to my max budget like all the other dealers out there. He simply texted me the sale price (which was about $8,500 less than the next vehicle we were considering), the sales tax amount, and the license/registration fee. There were no other BS fees like I had seen from other quotes, and I appreciated knowing exactly what I could expect to pay after driving 4 kids an hour across the city. Ben is a very generous man, and I could tell he was a hard working, honest, small business, and family man. That's who I want to do business with. The entire staff was friendly and social with us while we waited for our financing to come through, and I look forward to going to Kar Kees first when I need to replace my van (that has 176k miles). Car shopping is no fun, but with Ben and his guys, you can trust you're getting a great vehicle at a great price. They have years and years of experience, and work hard to stand apart from the big corp. places that charge an arm and a leg to cover all their overhead. I rarely write reviews, but Ben at Kar Kees definitely deserves a big thumbs up for offering the exact truck my husband wanted (black with black rims), at a price that ended up being well below our initial budget. When your payments are over $100 less per month than you anticipated, you know you're getting a great value. The guys at Kar Kees are in the business for the right reasons. Call 'em up...they can even search for a specific make/model/color you are looking for so you don't have to run all over town doing it yourself! Thanks again Ben!!!

Tara B.

Great to work with until you've paid for the vehicle. I wish my experience were more like some of the ones posted, but it most definitely was NOT. As we were looking at vehicles, Ben told us that he is completely honest and that he had never sold anyone a car that had problems. He then told us how they work with Courtesy Chevrolet. They have all of their vehicles thoroughly inspected by Courtesy Chevrolet, and then if there are any problems, they pay them to fix them. Ben handed us the complete inspection report and pointed out that the only issues noted, with the car that we were interested in, were a bad battery and windshield wipers. With the report in hand, we purchased the vehicle. Exactly one week later I took the car to a mechanic for an independent inspection. He identified a leak and a couple of other issues, and I was quoted thousands of dollars in repairs. Giving Kar Kees the benefit of the doubt, I took the car to two more mechanics and had inspections done. The results were similar, but I took some comfort from the reassurance of the mechanics telling us they were sure the dealership would work with us. When I informed Ben of my discovery he refused to work with me. After some discussion about express warranties, he finally consented that I could bring the car to Courtesy Chevrolet so they could put it on the lift. As we stood there under the car with a representative from Kar Kees, the Courtesy Chevrolet mechanic identified a couple of drips of coolant and said, "that could be a concern." When we tried to work with Kar Kees to get the issue resolved, they denied that there were leaks, even after standing there with us under the car as the mechanic identified a leak. Ben said, "there was no leak, and even if there were I wouldn't do anything about it because it is not a safety issue." Long story short, there was a crack in the radiator and the rack n pinion needed to be replaced. After dropping over $2,000 on a car just a couple of weeks after purchasing it, I'm writing this review as a warning to anyone that will read it. These guys will not stand behind their product. Do yourself a favor, and shop elsewhere so you don't get burned.

Shawn B.

Made the process easy and painless. A few minor things that I noticed about the car that I overlooked but otherwise extremely satisfied with my vehicle!

Yavin C.

The sale assistance Ben was very well mannered and professional as for the owner ....... Wish I had never met him he needs to realize customers can hear him in his office swear many times fart  burp and be totally atrocities! "It always gives you confidence when you're buying a car and the owner is talking about his buddy getting released from jail" "Not " as for getting a fair deal of a car put your negotiating hat on an they will deal with you! Gave me a 24 hr. test drive would have never experienced that ++for that : one word of advice sell  the car with a full tank of gasoline

Tyler K.

Aria M.

Everything went smoothly, and they got me the payments I had been looking for. Thanks Ben!

Jacey H.

Bill is a straight shooter who has been doing this for 44 years. You won't get lied to here and I appreciate that.

George B.

Great staff here. Very accommodating and attentive. Ben is a man of his word and the owner is very respectful. I met a few of the other staff and they also were very helpful. Great job guys!!

Monica Z.

Nice honest guys, met the mechanic that worked on my car. Oddly pleasant for a used car dealer.

Richard E.

Was well taken care of. The hole staff here at Kar Kees was amazing. They want to work for you not just with you. 100% amazed with the over all experience.

Justin A.

Got a great Trailblazer here and totally enjoyed the buying experience. I've never said that about any of my previous vehicle purchases. Ben is a first rate salesman and I really enjoyed doing business with him. I highly recommend this dealership!!!

Rick R.

Thank you Kar Kees we are very satisfied with our vehicle and the service we received from the manager Ben and his employees everyone was so helpful, My boyfriend Michael had an auto accident and we needed a vehicle This was our second time going to Kar Kees, and again Ben came through he made sure we got another vehicle we could afford Thank You Ben and to his employees We will be getting our second Vehicle from Kar Kees , Happy Coustomers Micheal and Diane

Diane D.